All About Online Store and Consumers Shifting To Online Shopping

Online Shopping Consumers

It’s a full-featured store that’s so easy to set up you’ll be an internet merchant in a matter of minutes. To get started, go to Go Daddy, click Websites and then click Online Store or if you already have a Go Central website you’d like to turn into a store, you can upgrade right from your site. With your website open in the editor, click Sections, then Add Section. Now click Sell Online and then click the Upgrade button next to Online Store.

No matter which way you obtain your store, the first step is to set it up. Let’s pretend this is your brand new custom jewelry store. The right pane contains your editing tools. Manage Store takes you to the control center, which contains the tools you need to, add products, choose shipping and payment options, and set up sales tax. As you’re setting up your store, you’ll discover additional resources to help you showcase and manage your inventory, optimize your site for search engines, link your store to social media sites, and create email marketing campaigns.

Your Go Central online store looks good on a Smartphone and provides mobile-friendly ordering and checkout and a built-in SSL certificate helps protect sensitive customer information and make your store a safe place to shop. As soon as your store is stocked and ready to fulfill orders, just click Publish – and let the shopping begin. You can make changes to your store whenever you like, as often as you like. Just be sure to click Publish to send your updates to the web.

Consumers are continuing to shift to online shopping

The countdown to Christmas is on. Just ten days left to get that perfect Christmas present. Major retailers are offering free shipping today. What are you seen seeing in terms of spending. It’s doing well. People are definitely continuing the shift on shopping. It has been a little soft for the whole industry after black Friday and right up until this week but now he will surge back this week. It was much better than expected.

Let’s not under estimate this. If you look at it year over year they were up 5.8 percent from a year early. We actually root for this economy. Not that spending is an life but we want the country at the rate faster. We were told for eight years normal. I would be buying this market right here right now. Rolling back regulation that has impact you and your company. There was a dead foot on the economy holding it down.


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