Armani Driving Brand Experience With Elegant Online Store

Online Store

It’s a luxury brand that really cares about what the customer wants to feel and that sense of luxury and pampering. What we wanted is to make sure that we improved our KPIs but at the same time stay true to the brand essence of Mr. Armani and Armani beauty. So with that, we have to build something that wasn’t just a transactional site but something very experiential. We asked OSF to come with their A players. We asked that OSF work with our teams not just as clients, but as partners.

When it came to anything from quality assurance to design requests, there really wasn’t anything that was too big because we didn’t want to move the needle slightly on this redesign. We wanted to really break the mold and do something that is so timeless and so elegant, and you can only do that through the beautiful code, beautiful project management, beautiful execution – and that’s it OSF brought to the table.

Nice Looking Website

Overall I think we came up with a really sleek, nice looking website. We’ve had numerous people come and reach out to us and say that it’s a very well-designed site. It wasn’t something where we were going to just do lip service and just say we’re going to do this mobile first. We actually went out and thought about all the experiences, all of the limitations, all the benefits for doing this from a mobile-first perspective, and I think you could really see that in the finished product.


Communication is the key to any project and especially in a successful project. I think that the way that we communicated was very instrumental. If we didn’t come up with a common language, then we would have all been speaking in different ways and we would have never gotten anything done – but we delivered on time and scope and in the budget which is as a project manager one of the best things you could ever tell your boss.

Incredible Results

After our redesign, we’ve seen some incredible results. Our mobile conversion rate increased seventy percent. Our time on site increased twenty percent, and our cart abandonment rate decreased seventeen percent. Then there’s an element that you can’t really measure there’s that experiential element, so with that, we’re able to still convey that brand DNA with the new site and even better than before in my opinion. Those are the results that we were looking for. I knew that OSF was going to be a great partner from the outset because they had a very refined process.


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