Avoiding Products With A Dropshipping Ecommerce Store

Dropshipping Products

We are making more than 40 kinds of Jams! Now you might ask “Are there even 40 kinds of Jams out there?” yes there are actually. We are making Jams from everything. From carrot, Spicy pepper, Tomato, Watermelon, Melon to even Lemon. The people who do this the best are Anatolian Women. Women in Anatolia have traditionally made jams for centuries. These women are actually our mothers. When we set out this project, we set it out with a dream that we had established with my mother.

We started out this journey with my mother’s students, with the intention of offering them a career opportunity. Ensuring their future and turning the product they worked hard for into an added value, and this is how it all started! We do not only sell jams at our stores, by the way, we also serve breakfast and there is almost whatever you can think of at our breakfasts. We have dreams and brand awareness goals that we have brought up to this day.

So we needed a website where we could reflect this to people in the rightist way. We have tried various E-commerce websites. We try one and then another, but the same look. They all copy each other. Using Jupiter was a huge benefit for us because we could edit everything to the smallest detail. From color, font, element spaces to even the payment page. We could actually find unique designs in Jupiter that many E-commerce websites could not offer. Your website is your vision and your face to the public. Without Jupiter, we could not show this face the right way.

Products to Avoid With a Drop shipping Ecommerce Store

  • You should avoid selling products that are associated with a brand because that can land you in some hot water. Totally not what you want when you’re growing your drop shipping store. Thing is, you can’t sell branded products your online store unless you acquire a retail license from that brand.
  • Getting a license can be a complicated process, and it kind of takes the ease out of drop shipping. So instead of messing with all that, focus on selling unbranded products. There are thousands of suppliers and millions of products that you can drop ship that you can sell without having to worry about licensing rights. No license required.


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