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How To Get Back Links For Your Online Store?

Before digging into link building, you should definitely have a look at Google’s Webmaster’s Guidelines regarding link schemes as Googlers don’t take bad links lightly According to Google, you should not buy, sell, or exchange any link. Actually, you shouldn’t do anything about link building… But the reality is that without any links pointing to your online store you will have no chance of succeeding in SEO with Google. What’s important right now is to focus on high-quality back links that generate visits to your e-commerce site and sales and that at the same time will look 100% authentic. With this in mind, here are a few ideas I had about your Puzzle and Jigsaw E-commerce store:


You could create a local event, specifically made for puzzle enthusiasts and communicate about it. Bloggers, members of associations, forums, and even local newspapers might talk about the event and if they have a website, they will definitely link to you and share the news with their fans and followers.


What if you created a contest for the hardest puzzle ever made and you rewarded the puzzle enthusiast who was the quickest to find the solution? You’ll need to think of a reward, but this kind of contest could resonate well in the puzzle enthusiast community which is definitively your target.


Another thing you could do is to create high-quality content that will be easily sharable, such as time-lapse videos of puzzle making. I saw a few on YouTube that is quite popular. These are just a few ideas to get your thinking and starting with link building. You should always try new things because you never know what might go viral and draw attention to your customers and your store.


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