Measuring Yourself For Online Shopping and Personalized Online Shopping Experience

Measuring Yourself

In today’s article I’ll tell you How to measure yourself while shopping online. Everyone knows that shopping online is a very popular thing and it can be confusing when they ask about your measurements, Chest circumference, and hip.

All these things And I want to show you where to measure and how to measure them. So if you want to know how to do it keep reading! Before the measurement take a breath column and relax the body, during the measurement, note the body, not too tight for the body. It should surround the body. Do not crush the body.

  • Chest: Always measured from the widest part of the chest.
  • Waist: The height of the waist is in the narrowest part of your body exactly where you put your hands naturally.
  • Hip: Always measured at the widest part of the thigh.
  • Arm length: During measurement, you can bend your arm slightly so that we know that the sleeve of what we want to order will not be too short when we move the arm.
  • Shoulder width: Can be measured from behind or front. Start the measurement from the part where you feel the bone of the shoulder to the other side.
  • Shirt length: Always consider which shirt we are going to purchase and then measure compared to the body or compared to another shirt we already have in the closet.

DressMe: Your personalized online shopping experience

When it comes to clothes, on the internet you can find all the possible sizes you can imagine numbers, letters, men’s, women’s and children’s, If you want to shop for a family, you better prepare a detailed table! And then just pray for the clothes to sit on them. In DressMe we want to change this. While the size of the clothing is given, you are unique.

Our idea

Our idea is to personalize your shopping clothes online. Tell us your measurements. you real and we will not only find you the clothes you are sitting on but thanks to our innovative web application, We’ll even show you how this dress really looks like you. Choose your favorite brand, sort by style, label, color or material, combine with stylish accessories and create your entire outfit and when you’re there, why not choose something for your family?

For all that amazing is a lot of work, we choose clothes, we scan it with high-resolution cameras and then manually adjust each piece of the computer to fit one of our templates. Our goal is to automate process, and here we need your help


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