Not Coms Are The Hot New Domain Extensions

Domain Extensions

Kitchen, that’s Kitchen not. Com. This year online shopping is expected to be bigger than ever. On Black Friday alone people spent more than three billion dollars, a third of which they spent right on their mobile devices. Smart phones and Tablets even when people are going to stores they’re still looking on their mobile phones for better deals, to price compare, and to make purchases and take advantage of the free shipping, no need to lug heavy objects home or deal with long lines.

Not Com Domain

Another thing we’re seeing a lot of this holiday season is what we call “not com” domain name endings. Now, businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs are using domain extensions that are not. Com but. Shopping, Style, Media, Expert. You name it, there’s a not com to suit your business your interest or your passion.

What this means for shoppers is that if you’re looking for a specific product you’ll know immediately when you see a website ending in. Coffee or. Clothing you’ll know immediately what you can find on that website so it’s a big advantage for anyone looking to save a little time this holiday season and also great for retailers who want to stand out in such a busy shopping landscape.

Stoppable Video

Another cool thing that we’re seeing is stoppable video. If you use Instagram or YouTube you can actually buy products you like from certain brands just by clicking on a video. Super innovative and something we’ll start seeing a lot more of beyond this holiday season.


Finally, I always tell people to never pay for shipping when they’re shopping online. There are so many great deals, and a desktop app that I use is called Honey. You just install it onto your browser or mobile phone and you can shop on thousands of sites to compare and contrast different mobile discount codes so you make sure you’re always getting the best deal, the most bang for your buck and of course saving a little time from not having to go to the store.


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