Online Dumps Shop Tutorial – Candywendy

Online Dumps Shop

We will talk about sweetest and biggest girl’s online dumps shop on the black market! You can use the Web or Tor button to access the shop. Here’s the login page where you could sign in or create a new account. All is very simple and common to everyone. Now we have entered the shop! You could see your unread messages from Wendy. It’s usually very useful so don’t miss to read it! On the top right corner, you could see the ‘I’ button.

Rules of the shop

This is the Rules of the shop. First of all read it carefully! On the right of the Rules button, you could find information about your account and chat button where you could contact with Wendy. If Wendy gave you a promo-code for a discount, you should copy it and activate it in the left menu as I show you. Now you could see “Discount -10%” appeared in the top right corner, so you could buy all the stuff in the shop with discount! In the “News” section in the left menu, you could read the information about latest updates.

Dumps section

Let’s move to the “Dumps” section. Here you could find millions of card dumps in stock! Using “Filter” option above you could sort the dumps by BIN, Country, Card Type, State etc. In the bases list you could find the freshest dumps base according to the latest update in “News”. When you have found what you need – add the dumps in your Cart by click on the green button. You should have funds on your balance to add something to Cart, so I’ll show you how to deposit funds.

Billing section

Move to the “Billing” section in the left menu and click the red “Add funds” button. Enter the number of funds in $ you want to add and click “Create wallet” button. Now you should send the number of funds in bit coins to the wallet you’ve just created and after confirmations, it will appear on your account. Let’s move to the CC section of the left menu. Here you could find thousands of CC+CVV in stock. You also could use “Filter” option above to sort them out, like we did with Dumps.

For example, I choose USA and Florida or Georgia states. Let’s choose the latest and the mostly high price CCbase. All the Dumps and CC you added to your cart will appear in the “Cart” section in the left menu. After buying your stuff you could find your order in the “Orders” section in the left menu. In this section, you could also ask for refund some stuff if something went wrong with it.


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