Protecting Your Personal Info While Shopping Online

Protecting Personal Info

Take them seriously. CBS says that rose will remain suspended while it looks into the matter. If the holidays and that means a season of shopping is here, many of us will be snagging deals online to avoid large crowds and busy traffic.

Protect Credit/Debit Card Information

While online shopping made our lives easier, your private banking information might be at risk. We know we have to be vigilant to protect our debit card information and credit card information, especially entering it online.

Shop Through Secure and Legitimate Sites

We found out that there are ways that you can go ahead to make sure that the sites are secure and legitimate and it starts by looking right up here in the upper left-hand corner. You want to make sure that there is that little green closed lock up in the left-hand corner. If you use one of those shopping apps you have to be careful that it’s what it claims to be.

Limit Credit Card

Also, a good idea is to try to limit the ways that you enter your credit card details. There are services like pay pal, apple pay, MasterCard and visa check out that helps to keep the card information in one place instead of giving it out to dozens of per merchants.

Public Wi-Fi

Don’t be attempted to use public Wi-Fi even though it’s convenient. You have to assume that anyone can see what you are sending. It’s better to use data If you are surfing deals or adds ads a good idea to click through it on a web browser since there are phishing sams this time of year. Believe it or not, mobile shopping will account for about 35% of sales this holiday season. It can be very convenient for people. Again, you have to be careful.


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