Shopping Smartly Online During The Holiday Sale Season

Shopping Smartly

Be Prepared In Advance

By making a list of all the things you plan to purchase. It’s good to have a checklist of the items that you want to purchase and the specific seller that you want to visit their stores On the day of the promotional sale. This is a very important thing to do for 2 main reasons:

  • The first reason is that your time is precious. Remember that it’s almost impossible for you to go over all the products promotions On Aliexpress or Amazon because it will take you years to do that. Also, it’s hard to follow things because these are very active platforms. The prices constantly change and there are different sales Such as “flash sales” and “Lightning deals”. That is available for several hours and/or limited quantity.
  • The second reason why it’s important for you to have a list is your budget. Even if you have deep pockets and you saved money the whole year for the specific promotional sale. You can get caught easily in the shopping frenzy Because of all the manipulations that are enacted to cause you to spend more money. That’s why many people realize only after they made the purchases that they spent double, triple or even more than that. Compared to what they planned to spend in the first place.

My suggestion to you is to navigate on the platforms that you plan to spend money on. In this case, I’m talking about Amazon and Aliexpress but it applies to other websites as well and writes down what you plan to get for yourself or even better, you can easily add it to your virtual wish list or shopping cart in advance. This should give you a good indication of how much you’re about to spend and because it’s probably going to be more than what you planned in the first place. I also advise you to dedicate some more bucks. Just in case that you’ll exceed your initial budget.

Many Sellers Inform You In Advance

About some or all the products that they plan to sell at discount On a promotional day. This way you’ll know if the items you want are available. During the whole promotion a special price Or if there are a limited quantity and time that they might be available for a discounted price.

Use The Coupons

Coupons can make a big difference in the overall sum that you’ll have to pay especially for promotional sale days. This is one of the most efficient ways for sellers to attract customers to their stores. I believe that if you search well 99% of the time you’ll find a coupon or a discount that will be relevant to you And on these promotional sale days it’s even more emphasized. As many sellers offer coupons for these specific promotions and you should definitely redeem those coupons!

Aliexpress, in my opinion, is the best example for that Because Aliexpress itself offers coupons the whole year which you can acquire in many ways including by visiting the specific stores on this platform or by the “Coins & Coupons” section where you can play games that reward you with coupons and virtual coins. Aliexpress emphasizes their promotional activities for a singles day and if you plan to make a big purchase on that day. Then it’s a good idea for you to visit Aliexpress every day to gather as many coupons as possible.

In many occasions, the discount that the seller offers Is not that significant compared to the price of the product. During the rest of the year or other promotions by the seller in many cases this “special discounted price” Is more of a small discount compared to the lowest price on this item. So what makes the big difference here is the combination between. This small “promotional sale” discount along with redeeming the coupon. Most coupons will give you a discount that ranges between $1 to $10 Depends on the total value of your purchase from a specific seller.

 Another thing about coupons Is that many sellers offer a limited quantity of coupons. So that’s why I emphasized it’s a good idea to prepare in advance for the promotional sale.

Don’t Miss Anything

You don’t miss anything if you don’t buy the specific item that you want on the promotional day If you want to purchase something And you followed what I mentioned so far. Then I guess you’re ready for the super special promotional sale day but if for some reason you didn’t get the item you wanted because it ran out of stock or you had second thoughts about it or your WiFi connection just didn’t work during that day.

  • Well first remember to take everything in proportions and that everything is for the best If this product was on sale once It’s probably going to be on sale again And the next promotional sale is just around the corner.
  • Another thing here is that if you consider purchasing a specific item. You can always look for alternatives that can be from better or about the same quality and different version or model of the product Different seller for the same product etc.

You can do that by searching for the specific brand or model or type of device and see what results will appear and in many cases you’ll be surprised to learn that there are so many alternatives. That is at least as good as the one you considered in the first place and don’t require you to wait for a special promotional sale to get them for an attractive price.


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