Shopping US Stores Online For Cheap and Experience From Street Market To Online Store

Shopping US Stores

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From Street Market To Online Store

We set up our market in the mountains of Madrid from scratch. Since then it has gradually evolved. Using Mayte’s own designs, we began creating our own collections and selling them in our shops. It was then that we decided to create our own brand – El Rincón de Teté.

Our problem at the beginning was that we had no online presence or online shop – nowadays, without those things you might as well not exist. We found out about the Google Activate courses from a radio ad and it looked really interesting so we decided to sign up for the digital marketing course. It’s definitely helped us create a competitive and effective online shop, and helped us focus our efforts on how to organize it.

Google Courses

Thanks to the Google courses we realized how important social networks are to a business and with them, we’ve managed to reach a lot more people. The support and mentoring we received were also very important, as they helped us develop a digital strategy tailored to our business. The feedback from other students was also a huge help. Everyone spoke about their experience and their circumstances, which provided a different perspective on the problems that can arise in different businesses and how to solve them. We’re still doing things with the same passion that we had at the start.


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