Tips For Shopping Clothes Online & Measure Garments

Clothes Shopping

Today I would like to share some tips about online shopping clothes. I would like to mention the quality, size, shipping, payments, not necessarily in such order, we will see. It’s about choosing the right size and cut, but this varies greatly from one brand to another, from one website to another. It’s not easy if you do not know exactly what to do. So here’s how it works.

Sizes in the EU

First of all forget about what size you think you have. Usually, if you are size 10, you will have size 6 or 14 on the site, which you are currently looking at. So instead of trusting your intuition, look at the size chart and look for such an EU size, because it is the most reliable numbering system in different countries. Internationally, this is one numbering, which usually always means the same. Measure and look objectively, which EU size you are.

 Look at model

You need to see the picture the real person who wears the piece of clothing you look at. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will buy something that will not fit you. That’s obvious, but then, when you look at the model, note how tall it is and what size He is wearing. If it is as high as you, has your character type and has the size S, then you probably need size S.

If you’re smaller, then you’ll take that piece of clothing longer and change as it fits, so it’s a bit trickier. If you are thinner, it will look dull and so you can consider going down the size, if you like when the clothes are sitting exactly. So it depends on size, height, but also character type. If the model has a rectangle type typical body model, long and slender, almost no curves and you are a type of pear with wider hips, then consider counting the number up to make you feel comfortable on the hips.

Length of a piece of garment

This is difficult, especially if you have, let’s say, more curves than normal models, that is the case of almost every one of us. I will show you how to measure the length of the garment well, with a tailor’s subway and how to measure yours your own length so you can decide if the piece is long enough for your body and your taste. The t-shirt measures the back, the highest point, which is where the neck meets the shoulder and down to the hem, still straight. So that’s the length of my T-shirt.

Then you will do the same thing on yourself, attaching a meter here where the neck and shoulder meet and lead it straight down X centimeters – how much you just measured on the shirt and you will see it is long enough for my taste or it does not quite cover my stomach, where do I want my shirt to come down? That’s the length you really need. If you measure the dress, you will also start in the same place, it’s just that the length will be a bit longer. Method but it is exactly the same. You should also consider the circumference of your chest.

So you measure the front, from the highest point to the hem, sleeves start measuring where your arms meet with your shoulder which is where the shoulder seam is usually located, so if you’re wearing a T-shirt, you can just follow that point and then bend your arm and you measure the length of the sleeve you want with the bent arm. It is important to bend your arm if you measure the length of the sleeve and where you want it to end because if you would measure with your arm stretched, you will get a smaller number, which is shorter and then, when you shrug your arm or raise your hand, usually will come down and you it will seem that the sleeves are too short.

That’s because they were short, always bend your arm when measuring length of the sleeve. On the skirt, you can measure the back of the center. If you see a seam with a zipper like here, you can just follow the seam, it’s very simple, and that gives you the overall length of the skirt and then for your pants, you need to know the size of your waist around the sides, the dimensions of the hips, it is common, as well as with a skirt and then you need to know to length of the internal seam. Follow the inner seam, which is the one that leads from crotch to hem, between your legs. The same method is for jeans, so for regular trousers.

Check the fabrics

You can find out that you are in a table between two sizes and depending on your dimensions, in that case, spandex is a good thing to watch about substance composition. You only need 1-5% spandex in a given piece of clothing, in its fabric, to make it far more flexible, so you’ll have plenty of space to movement. If you find spandex, you can buy the smaller size if you are between two sizes.

On the other hand, you can buy something that is made of knit fabric, knitwear is by definition more extensible, so they give you the comfort you need. You can take a smaller size, but if you have a cloth that is woven and not knit and does not contain any spandex, will be very stiff. He will not move when you move, so I would rather choose a larger size of the two if you are between the sizes. Make sure you have room to move.

Check the dimensions

Especially when it comes to purchasing accessories such as handbags check your dimensions before making a purchase. If you cannot find them, Ask Customer Support before you make a purchase. Because a typical example is that handbags are shown as follows. You do not see a hand holding it, you have none the body behind her, you cannot say how big it is.

Maybe it is maybe you do not know. The same applies to bracelets. When you see the subject in universal size, which is very common in jewelry. Be sure that somewhere is the length and that it’s long enough to get it around your wrist, without being too tight. Otherwise, you will not wear it and you will have to return it.

Terms of Return and Exchange

Mostly, this section is dedicated to the bottom any commercial website with all the information. Some brands deliver to more than one country they acknowledge the return. All winnings will not be free for all countries. If this is the case, the mark must be stated by law in this section. So it pays to check out quickly.

Secure Site

If it has a page on which you want to buy begins to https: // then ‘s’ means secured = secured. It means that the data is encrypted and it is safer, if not completely safe. It is never, but it is far better if you have it behind HTTP. If you do not have it, at least in the check-in section and payment of your purchase process, then your contact details and payment information are likely they are not safe. I really would advise not to buy on websites that do not have it ‘s’ in URL address.


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